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Podere Stuard is the on-line market for organic farm products in the Parma area.
The brand offers products from the Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard and from other farms in the area of Parma which offer organic products and products derived from old local varieties and species.
Chilli seeds of 280 varieties and products of biodiversity in Parma are available.
The 2011 plants catalogue (507 varieties) is available on
Hot pepper
From the largest collection of ornamental peppers, a selection of seeds of the most beautiful and requested varieties. For plants see the 2011 catalogue (see link)
Produced with care by selected farmers, also with varieties from the past
Quality products with unique tastes from varieties often rare and not easily found
Extra virgin olive oil
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Parma: of the highest quality and with a long history in the past
A unique product born from the management of cultivated heirloom grains on the parmesan hills
Small selection of local wines produced with great care and passion
Podere Stuard - Online shopping website by Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard
Azienda Speciale della Provincia di Parma - Strada Madonna dell'Aiuto, 7/a - 43126 San Pancrazio Parma.
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